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Zodiac Perfume

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Introducing a blend of natural therapeutic essential oil blends just for your astrological sign. These blends are made with pure essential oils.

Available in the 12 Zodiac Signs:

*Leo- This blend will help protect the fierce Leo’s heart while calming and restoring balance.

*Sagittarius- This blend calms, moderates, and brings out the best of a Sagittarius.

*Taurus- This blend relieves tension, promotes flexibility, creates peace, joy and inner trust.

*Aries- This blend calms and grounds while helping improve fellowship.

*Cancer- This comforting blend nurtures peace and well-being while encouraging tranquility and balance.

*Libra- This blend stimulates creativity and encourages balance and harmony.

*Gemini- This blend helps to balance and center the Gemini twins while encouraging focus.

*Pisces- This blend comforts the intuitive and sensitive world of Pisces.

*Scorpio- This blend softens, grounds, and calms the intense Scorpio.

*Aquarius- This blend encourages confidence, softens edges, and inspires awareness.

*Capricorn- This cooling blend purifies the mind and nourishes the heart.

*Virgo- This blend will soothe, calm, and promote mental clarity.

Please check with your physician if you are pregnant or nursing before use. Keep out of reach of children.

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