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Gemstone Bracelets TBY

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The Blue Yogi Studio Single Gem Bracelets

Feel the energy of the earth with our best-selling gemstone bracelets! Made with authentic gemstone beads to help bring healthy and healing energy into your life. Wear one, wear several, wear them all!

Moonstone -Enhance Patience. Activates the third eye and crown chakras. Restores mental balance.

Labradorite – Helps and calms an overactive mind. Rejuvenates the mind’s eye, bringing new ideas and approaches.

Sodalite- Brings inner peace and aids in endurance & will power. Develops intuition. Assists in creative order.

Rose Quartz- Promotes self love and care. Attracts true love. Amplifies creativity and imagination.

Peridot- Protect from negative external influences. Helps to dissolve feelings of guilt. Encourages act of independence.

Aquamarine- A soothing and cleansing stone. Encourages courage, faith, and awareness. Helps the flow of ideas.

Clear Quartz- The master healer. Brings awareness and clarity. Amplifies energy and thought.

Goldstone- Renews strength, balance energies and induces happy thoughts. Encourages faith and increases healing energy.

Rhodochrosite- Empowers us to face past issues. Nurtures the inner child. Removes irrational fears.

Adventurine- Energizing, revitalizing stone. Carries the energy of Spring Luck and prosperity.

Jasper- Stimulates circulation and energy flow. Encourages endurance and will power.

Carnelian- Motivating. Encourages self confidence and bravery. Sparks creativity.

Howlite- Calms and eases erratic sleep patterns. Teaches patience and absorbs anger. Boosts ambition.

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