Black Forest Cake Ooey Marshmallow Goodness


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We used our Sugarplum Fairy magic to transform this brandied cherry-chocolate dessert into a pint of OMG! Now you can enjoy a slice of black forrest cake by the spoonful, in a winter s’more, or as a holiday dip. Just don’t forget to invite us over to try your creative creation.

So what does that mean? Our OMG is our version of marshmallow creme — a delicious, whipped spreadable marshmallow thats perfect for so many yummy treats! Use it to top cocoa, make a s’more, use as cupcake frosting, or dollop some on ice cream. Mix some with peanut butter, spread on toast, and make a fluffernutter! Or…grab a spoon and dive right in! No matter how you enjoy it, it will leaving you saying… OMG!

Shelf life: 4 months (6 months if you put in the freezer, but not required)

Product Count: 11oz pint

Allergens: Gluten Free, Soy Free


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