The Wandering Caravan believes in sustainable solutions and breathing new life into the old and used. At The Wandering Caravan you will find repurposed furniture and wares, homemade gift items and a quirky eclectic blend of apparel and home decor.

Our mission is to offer a creative environment that inspires and excites those who enter; to offer a space that is filled with our best assortment of curated items to see, touch and smell. 

Our Story

The Wandering Caravan is a one woman show and operation. Jessica, a photographer by trade, has an eye for beauty and fashion. The Luscombe family members are travelers, artists, storytellers and visionaries. The Wandering Caravan fulfills a longtime family dream to create a beautiful space in which to showcase these passions.

The Wandering Caravan opened in August 2019 after a rash decision to move to Davis, WV following the loss of a beloved family member. It proved to be the perfect spot to buy a home and start a business – an idea that had been lurking in the recesses of Jessica’s mind for a couple of decades. The Wandering Caravan has received enormous support from both the local community and fans as far away as Australia!

Jessica was born into a family of wanderers, starting out in an old farmhouse in Western Maryland and then moving to the ocean. As she grew up, and her own gypsy spirit kicked in, she traveled from mountains to ocean to desert and into the heart of the big city, often with a camera in tow. Her passions became her subjects: old farmhouses, flowers, and people. Along the way she attended the Maine Photography Workshops and the International Center of Photography in New York City. Unsuspecting circumstances led Jessica to Davis in 2019. A single mom of two awesome boys, she bought a house in town and began a small pop up shop selling mainly clothes. Eventually she took over the first floor of the building on main street of Davis. Artwork of family and friends, jewelry, beautiful objects, textiles were added to the inventory and The Wandering Caravan was born. When the historic building went up for sale, Jessica and her sister bought it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a consignment store?
We are not a true consignment store, we are a boutique. We do accept consignment pieces from select artists. 

I am an artist and I am interested in consigning or selling my creations at your store, what do I do?
Thank you for your interest. If you would like to fill out an application, artisan-application

What is your return policy?
We have a 30 day return policy.

Where do you source your merchandise?
We are constantly looking for treasures to stock our shelves with new, used and repurposed finds. We shop near and far to keep our shelves filled with new items arriving weekly. Do you ship internationally? We sure do! However, there may be size constraints for overseas shipping.

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